"Captivating new information! The future has arrived for the appearance of the final pope. Some have called him "Peter, the Roman." Who is he, really? Read Tom Horn and Cris Putnam's new book Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here and discover his mysterious secret."
Gary Stearman,
Prophecy in the News

"Unquestionably the best, most complete work on St. Malachy's Prophecy of the Popes. Filled with little known and hard to find facts about the False Prophet, world religion, the Antichrist and world government. It is Biblical, timely, well-researched, thoroughly documented... and absolutely startling in its conclusion."
Daymond Duck,
best selling author

"It is as if the 'Keys to the Vatican' have been passed from Malachy Morgair to Malachi Martin to Tom Horn and Cris Putnam. Petrus Romanus: The Final Pope is Here, is unquestionably a more comprehensive inquisition into the Vatican than the Inquisition itself. You've unraveled quantum entanglement and distilled it to Occam's Razor. Amazing!"
- Sue Bradley,
Geopolitical and research journalist




Tom Horn, Gary Stearman & Cris Putnam On Petrus Romanus

Tom and Cris Putnam on Omega Man Radio (Click Image - 4 Hours!)

Clip of Tom Speaking at the Strategic Perspectives Conference

Speaking at the Southwest Radio Conference on The Lost Symbol

Tom Horn to update the situation at the Colorado Summit, July, 2013

Recent News
WND BREAKING NEWS! Authors Tom Horn & Cris Putnam Accurately Predicted Benedict Would Resign
Is The Final Pope Already Running The Vatican? Jerome Corsi of WND Calls Tom Horn To Find Out
How Did Tom Horn Know? Told Stunned Audience Over A Month Ago Benedict's Resignation Was Imminent
Veteran Editor Is "Freaked Out" By Contents Of New Book Exo-Vaticana
And Here Is The SHOCKING Part Three From Last Year
On Hagmann Show, Tom Horn Points To Significance Of Signs From The Sky- Including Meteors & Lightning. A Few Hours Later A Massive Meteorite--Possibly Connected To The Asteroid 2012 Nearing Earth Today--Hits Central Russia Injuring People & Buildings
Rome Admits Tom Horn & Cris Putnam Were Correct When They Said Last Year That Jockeying For The Role Of Petrus Romanus Was Playing Out Among Cardinals In 2012... And That "Vatileaks" Was Behind-The-Scenes Maneuverings
More Cardinals Step Forward To Admit Tom Horn & Cris Putnam Were Right On Target In 2012 When They Said Vatileaks Was Smear Campaign Against "Peter The Roman" Bertone In Quest For Petrus Romanus Role
Jockeying To Become The Last Pope (Petrus Romanus) Cardinal 'Peter' Bertone Plots "Sensational Countermoves"
Papacy Will Change Radically Under Pope Benedict's Successor, Says Study
From Africa To Italy - National Newspapers Herald Coming Of Petrus Romanus In 2012... Tie His Arrival To The Third Secret Of Fatima!
Whistle-Blower In Holy See Supports Claim In New Book Petrus Romanus: Says Vatican Under 'Omerta' Code Of Silence
The Vatican Is Full Of Moles And Spies

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Gary Stearman of Prophecy in the News slips and almost says something he was not supposed to:

Follow the weekly series concerning the history making book!

Part 1: The Man Who Foresaw The Final Pope?
Part 2: The Good News & The Bad News
Part 3: Acrostics, Anagrams, And A Real-Life Conspiracy Code?
Part 4: Rush To Press In Response To Washington Post Article
Part 5: Cardinal Manning, The Pope, And The Antichrist
Part 6: Rosemary’s (Petrus) Baby and the Priests Who Were Dying to See Him
Part 7: The Murder of Father Kunz
Part 8: Back to Fatima
Part 9: Dear Cardinal Bertone: Who Between You and Me is Lying?
Part 10: Sister Lucy & The “Mafia Code of Silence”
Part 11: Stacking The Sacred Deck
Part 12: Cracks in the Foundation, Dark Horses Appear
Part 13: Petrus Romanus, the Antichrist, and the Years 2012 & 2016
Part 14: Where the Vitality of the Beast that Was, and Is Not, and Yet Is Pulsates in Anticipation of...
Part 15: Magic Squares, 666, and Human Sacrifice?
Part 16: From Seventy-Two Demons to Feathered Serpents: What You Do—and Do Not—Learn in School about American History
Part 17: The Transnational Hand Behind The Rise Of President Obama, The Coming Kingdom Of Antichrist, And Petrus Romanus


  • SOME SECRETS SO SERIOUS we can't even hint at them until the release...
  • REVEALED! THE MYSTERIOUS FRENCH CODEX written by a Jesuit Mathematician over 60 years ago that determined his arrival in the year 2012-2013.
  • FOUND! THE ANCIENT CRYPTIC LOST BOOK that John Hogue (The Last Pope) said was gone forever.
  • WHAT JONATHAN EDWARDS (America's most important and original philosophical theologian and greatest intellectual) believed about the years 2012-2016 and the coming of the False Prophet and Antichrist.
  • THE BIZARRE OCCULT CONNECTION to the assassination of Father Edward Kunz. 
  • FROM MANNING TO MALACHI -- Catholic seers who warned of his coming... and died under mysterious circumstances.
  • THE SECRET OF MALACHI MARTIN and Rosemary's (Petrus) Baby.
  • THE CRYPTIC POEM: When the Pope walks over dead bodies of priests... the Woman prepares to ride the Beast!
  • THE FOURTH SECRET OF FATIMA and the other suppressed Marian texts.
  • UNCANNY MYSTICS and the Keepers of the Hidden Knowledge
  • THE ORDER OF THE QUEST and 'X' Marks the Spot: Find the Head and the Body will follow!
  • 2012-2016 STRANGE ATTRACTORS - Maya, Aztec, Zohar, Hindu, Catholic, Masonic, Rosicrucian, American Indian and many more.
  • THE SECRET IN THE US CAPITAL AND AT THE VATICAN tied to Mesoamerican 2012 and the dawn of The Dragon.
  • THE FINAL CONCLAVE! Get ready: Will it be black... white... or blood red smoke?
  • TOM HORN & CRIS PUTNAM to give major presentation on Petrus Romanus at the Prophecy Summit At Colorado This July!




"The history of the Catholic Church... the significance of 'The Prophecy of the Popes' written almost a thousand years ago... the 112 Popes that would rule the Catholic Church until Rome is destroyed in 2012. Fascinating!! I recommend it without reservation!
- Stanley Monteith
Radio Liberty

"I can say without reservation the previously undiscovered facts these researchers have brought to light concerning the one who is likely the last pontiff is absolutely spellbinding!"
- Terry James,
best selling author. 
"Catholic and evangelical scholars have dreaded his appearance for centuries. Unfortunately, time for avoiding Peter the Roman [Petrus Romanus] just ran out."
- Michael K. Lake, Th.D.,
College Professor

"Horn and Putnam Have a Winner; Simply Put, 'Petrus Romanus' is Stunning!"
Sharon Gilbert,
PID Radio